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I think most travellers take the coastal road from Arequipa to Lima and when they do so, they pass through Paracas and Ica and also do the Nazca Lines as a flight. While we weren't short on time as such, following a really difficult time getting to Arequipa from Cuzco, we decided to just get to Lima as soon as possible.

Fortunately, we found a day trip down to Paracas from Lima, so we did that on day one (which is why it's still ahead of the Lima album). It is very much worth seeing. I'm not sure if we would have gotten more from the experience by taking the longer 3 day route via the coast and as you can see, there are Nazca lines visible by boat, so an expensive flight wasn't something we feel we needed.

Whether you go as a day trip from Lima or take the more relaxed coastal journey, Paracas is definitely worth a visit!

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