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If Rio de Janeiro was our favourite city, then the Galapagos Islands was our favourite experience. For 6 days we explored nature at it's finest and swam with Sea Turtles and Sea Lions and as a photographer, it was like being let loose in the Garden of Eden.

The islands themselves are incredible and the snorkelling was sublime. For underwater photography, I don't think there's a better location on the planet.

After the Galapagos, we spent a day in Santiago, almost in recovery before heading back to Australia. The Galapagos was the perfect way to finish our trip - on as high a note as we possibly could.

At the very start of our journey in Patagonia, Nicole and I looked at each other and said "Nothing we do will be as cool as this!" We were wrong. That phrase was repeated every few days as we encountered something new and magical on our trip. Patagonia was as good as it could get until we reached the Salt Flats which was as good as it could get until we got to La Paz ... then Machu Picchu, then Colca Canyon, Iguazu Falls and then Rio.

Our journey was one amazing experience after another and I am grateful we ended at the Galapagos Islands ...

Because nothing could ever beat that!

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