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So a major bout of sadness hit me as I was processing these photos and picking out the ones I wanted to display. It's not that I miss Salvador, cause let's face it - it's hard to be as cool as Rio, but it's because I know the end of the journey is nearing.

We were quite sad for a time when we were in Salvador - Salvador, despite being a major party with Carnival meant there were only 2 more places we planned on visiting before heading home. Our 4 and a bit month journey was on the home stretch and the real world was looming.

Whether it was just the memory of how we felt in Salvador as I revisited these photos or I'm actually sad to be almost finished this project I don't know. But, Carnival was the party we planned. Most of the shots are party shots from Carnival. All the pretty landscape travel stuff is at the end of the album because we generally slept by day and partied in Camarotes and Barras by night. Our accents and press credentials got us in to any party we wanted and oh how we took advantage of it.

And I found a lighthouse.

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