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Okay, starting off .. the Amazonian Pink Dolphins were a b*#&$ to photograph. Damn things wouldn't stay still.

If you've spoken to Nicole or I about the South America trip, you already know the Amazon part was our least favourite. It's not that we didn't enjoy it per se, but between the insects, water that smelled like petrol, lack of running water, Henry the Carnivorous Crocodile, other campers that didn't know how to aim for a fricken toilet bowl, humidity, lack of cold beverages and a guide whose heart wasn't really in the job - there are other places in South America we'll go back to first.

Having said that, I've heard other Amazon regions are great so maybe next time we'll try Manaus or Iquitos.

"In Africa we were trying to see the Big Five"
"In the Amazon we just wanted to get out alive"

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